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The best sexologist in Ranchi, Jeevan Data Health Clinic has been helping patients with sexual health concerns for 25 years, providing top-quality care and treatment.

Awaded as best sexologist in north India clinic with clinics present across Ranchi, Patna and Mumbai

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Its important to talk about Sexual problems, The most important point for managing sexual problem is to be willing to talk about them. Sexual problems remain untreated because of shame and embarrassment . For the lack of proper knowledge and proper treatment the problem becomes even more complicated often causing lot of major problems in life before or after marriage.

Solve your sexual health worries  with Ayurveda and Jeevandata Health Clinic Doctors. Our Highly qualified Ayurvedic specialist, infertility doctors, Sexologist and infertility doctors at our clinic can effectively treat sexual disorders with special herbs and rasayanas medicines so that you can live happily ever after with your partner.

What Makes Jeevan Data Health Clinic Sexology department a reliable choice for sexual wellness Services?

Expert Sex Therapy

Expert sex therapy provides confidential and specialized support for individuals and couples experiencing sexual concerns. With evidence-based techniques and personalized treatment plans, sex therapists help clients overcome sexual difficulties and achieve greater intimacy and satisfaction in their relationships.

Personalized Solutions

Personalized solutions refer to tailored recommendations and strategies that are specifically designed to meet an individual’s unique needs and preferences. This approach takes into account the individual’s background, lifestyle, and goals to develop a customized plan of action that maximizes their chances of success.

Sexual health support

Sexual health support refers to professional services and resources that help individuals maintain or improve their sexual health and well-being. This can include education, counselling, testing, treatment, and other forms of assistance to address sexual issues and promote healthy sexual behaviour.

Overcome challenges

Overcoming challenges is an essential part of personal growth and development. Whether it’s facing a difficult situation or dealing with a problem, it takes courage and determination to push through and find a solution. In the context of sexual health, overcoming challenges can the right help and resources, it is possible to overcome these challenges and improve your sexual health and well-being.

Non-judgmental care

Non-judgmental care refers to an approach that offers support and assistance without negative criticism or judgment. It aims to create a safe and accepting environment where individuals feel comfortable discussing their concerns and seeking help, regardless of their background, lifestyle, or choices.

Fulfilling sex life

A fulfilling sex life involves a positive and satisfying sexual experience for both partners. It encompasses physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of sexual wellness, including communication, intimacy, pleasure, and mutual satisfaction. Achieving a fulfilling sex life can enhance overall well-being, relationship satisfaction, and self-esteem.

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Why Jeevandata Health Clinic The Perfect Choice?


Nationally & Internationally Recognised Clinics

Awarded as Best Ayurvedic Clinic In North India for Year 2006, 2012 & 2017


Award Winning Doctors

Rajiv Gandhi shiromani award, Awarded by ex Governor of Bihar & Kerela , Shri R.L. BHATIA.


Experience And Motivated Team

Dr. Shambhu Nath Divya, World Famous Senior Sexologist Ayurvedacharya with Dr Tej Narayan Divya, Asia famous Consultant Ayurvedic General Physician & Surgeon


Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award,

Awarded by ex Governor of Bihar & Kerala , Shri R L BHATIA.
International Gold Star

Bangkok, Thailand
Ang Vibhuti Samman
Health Excellence Award.
Ayurveda chikitsa Sevak Samman


Gold Medal Italy Seborga University.

Ayurvedic Doctor of Millenium Award
Dainik Jagaran Achievers Award.
Jharkhand Ratna Award
Bihar Ratna award

Lok summit Ayurveda Congress Award, Mumbai

Best Sexologist of Asia Awarded, Thailand
Best Ayurvedic Clinic in North India Award
Jharkhand Vibhuti Samman
Best Ayurvedic Healer Prize Award

Main Rd, near Guruduwara, opposite Hotel The Ken Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

Mangal Kunj, C wing, 2nd floor, Swami Vivekananda Rd, opposite Indraprashta shopping center, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

Jamal Rd, beside Hotel Bob's, Budh Vihar, Fraser Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

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