Welcome to Jeevandata Health Clinic, your trusted partner for exceptional Sexual health care in Gumla. Led by renowned sexologist “Dr. Tej Narayan Divya”, our clinic offers a comprehensive range of services to address various sexual health concerns, ensuring the highest quality care. We provide solutions for sexual dysfunction, desire disorders, couples counseling, STI testing, and gender and sexual identity support. Your privacy is our priority, and our empathetic care is delivered in a non-judgmental environment. With evidence-based treatments, we aim to help you achieve a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Contact us for a confidential consultation today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

A sexologist is a healthcare specialist who focuses on human sexuality and provides counselling and treatment to individuals and couples with sexual health concerns. Sexologists come from various fields, including psychology, medicine, sociology, and nursing, and all have specialized training in sexual health and behaviour. At Jeevandata Health Clinic Dr. Tej Narayan Divya is a specialized Ayurvedic sex doctor in Gumla who offers natural and effective treatment for sexual disorders for males and females.

Jeevandata Health Clinic is the best sexologist in Jharkhand because we believe in a combination of medication, counselling, and lifestyle changes. Our approach has helped thousands of patients with sexual disorders over the years. The best sexologist doctor in Ranchi from “Jeevan Data Health Clinic” believes that medication alone cannot solve years of impotence or early ejaculation problems. It requires a combination of lifestyle changes, diet, and expert counselling sessions from the best sexologist, patience, and perseverance. He encourages individuals of all ages to seek help from a Sexologist in Gumla if they experience difficulties in satisfying their partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our treatments.

Passing semen through urinating with urine is ok?

No, it’s not ok! It’s spermatorrhoea. It’s very bad for your health, It is s disease you should quickly take medications at a clinic.

What is night emission ? Is it normal?

Night emission is the discharge of semen while sleeping at night. No! Not exactly, Night emission is not a disease, but if it occurs more often than 3 to 6 times per month then you need proper treatment with a qualified doctor or sexologist.

What type of Male and female sexual problems are cured at your clinic?

We treat all types of sexual illness, loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, night emission, impotency, size problem, piles, weakness, infertility, female related problems, skin-related issues in males, and females.

Does 50 years and above persons sexual treatment is possible ?

After checking all the tests and reports sexual disorder treatment is possible in aged patients too. Surely effective till the age of 65.

All information of patients are confidential and safe at your hospital?

We always keep all the patients personal information confidential. It’s our policy & priority.

Your clinic running from how many years?

Our clinic was established in1996.
We are 25 years experienced highly qualified clinical sexologists and skin specialists with treating all chronic diseases too

Does ayurvedic medicine work on skin disease and sexual problems?

Ayurvedic medicines are very nice in treating many deseases nowadays. And as these sexual & skin related problems are concerned trust us ayurvedic medicines have no side effects are harmless and are best in results.

Can size of penis be increased by taking medicines?

The answer is Yes
If the size of your penis is decreased now but it was longer & bigger in size before then it can be surely increased with medicines again..Ayurvedic medications help in a lot.

Erectile disfunction disease is cured in how many days at your clinic?

It depends after diagnosis of the patient for how many days or months he is suffering from this disease. But as for your information, it takes around 2 to 3 months approximately depending on the patient’s condition.

Low sperm count treatment is available?

We treat all types of skin-related deseases & problems in males and females. Don’t worry It takes time but it is curable

Penis enlargement treatment is available?

Yes, it’s available at our clinic we are treating our patients with ayurvedic medicines and therapies for more than 25 years. Its100% natural & effective.

Is there treatment of premature ejaculation successful at your clinic?

Yes obviously !
PE is curable through medicines and therapy at our clinic, You can come and consult us.

Mastrubating is ok or later it can be a decreased?

As I said Oh no, It is ok to masturbate in intervals of time, but if done regularly it will make you weak and can make the genitals weak.

Customer Review

Unveiling the Voice of Satisfaction


Pankaj goswami
    Pankaj goswami


    I’m 30 now, and the treatment has been quite helpful. Jeevandata Health Clinic in Ranchi is well appreciated. Excellent therapist and doctor; would use again and suggest without hesitation. Jeevandata Health Center is home to Ranchi’s most well regarded sexologist. Jharkhand



      This procedure has done wonders for me, a 30-year-old, and I am quite grateful. The Ranchi Jeevandata Medical Center has our utmost respect. Excellent therapist and doctor; would suggest without reservation. In Ranchi, Jeevandata Health Center has the greatest sexologist. Jharkhand

      Antima Bhargava
        Antima Bhargava


        I am thirty years old, and the procedure worked wonders for me. We like the Jeevandata health clinic in Ranchi. Exemplary therapist and doctor; I enthusiastically recommend them. Jeevandata Health Center has the most qualified sexologist in Ranchi. Jharkhand

        Rekha Singh
          Rekha Singh


          I’m 30 years old, and the treatment has helped me tremendously. We admire the Ranchi Jeevandata Health Clinic. I definitely suggest this therapist and physician. Jeevandata Health Center is home to Ranchi’s top sexologist. Jharkhand

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