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Are you looking for the best sexologist in Mumbai?

Look no further! Our team of highly qualified and experienced sexologists is here to provide you with comprehensive sexual health solutions.

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We understand its difficult for you!

We understand that sexual health is a sensitive issue, and our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our patients to discuss their concerns and receive the best possible care. Our sexologists are trained to address a wide range of sexual health issues, including sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted infections, infertility, and relationship problems.

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Why Jeevandata Health Clinic The Perfect Choice?


Nationally & Internationally Recognised Clinics

Awarded as Best Ayurvedic Clinic In North India for Year 2006, 2012 & 2017


Award Winning Doctors

Rajiv Gandhi shiromani award, Awarded by ex Governor of Bihar & Kerela , Shri R.L. BHATIA.


Experience And Motivated Team

Dr. Shambhu Nath Divya, World Famous Senior Sexologist Ayurvedacharya with Dr Tej Narayan Divya, Asia famous Consultant Ayurvedic General Physician & Surgeon


Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award,

Awarded by ex Governor of Bihar & Kerala , Shri R L BHATIA.
International Gold Star

Bangkok, Thailand
Maharastra Ratna Award

Presented in 2023
Health Excellence Award.
Ayurveda chikitsa Sevak Samman


Gold Medal Italy Seborga University.

Ayurvedic Doctor of Millenium Award
Dainik Jagaran Achievers Award.
Jharkhand Ratna Award
Bihar Ratna award

Lok summit Ayurveda Congress Award, Mumbai

Best Sexologist of Asia Awarded, Thailand
Best Ayurvedic Clinic in North India Award
Jharkhand Vibhuti Samman
Best Ayurvedic Healer Prize Award

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