Firstly, Jeevandata Health Care Clinic pays homage to Dhanvantari, an avatar of Vishnu who has been the physician of the gods in Hinduism. By his grace, we all Ayurveda doctors are serving the people. Everyone knows the date of 23 October which is celebrated as National Ayurveda Day.

A Panorama on History of Jeevandata Health Care Clinic

In 1975, Jeevandata Health Care Clinic came into limelight among the people of Bihar when there was not a single Ayurveda medical rehabilitation center in Patna, Bihar. Renowned Indian Vaidya and Ayurveda doctor Dr.Shambhu established the Jeevandata Health Care Clinic in Ranchi,Patna and Mumbai. He was a principled person and loved nature. He had very good knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathy Science and Ayurveda Bhasma. At the time when he started treating sexual patients with Ayurveda method, at that time there was not even a single recognized Ayurveda hospital in the capital of Bihar. That’s all…

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