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As the best sexologist in Mumbai, we offer cutting-edge treatments to address sexual issues. Trust us to provide the highest quality care for any sexual disease and help you achieve optimal health.

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Jeevandata Health Clinic, known as the “Best Sexologist In Mumbai,” can offer you top-notch sexology services in India. Our team of skilled medical professionals specializes in sexology therapy, treatments & counselling. Your professional sexual counsellor ensures that you feel comfortable while consulting with us. Additionally, in the event of a medical emergency, we offer the most up-to-date tools for diagnostics and treatment. Choose Jeevandata Health Clinic for the best sexology services in Mumbai.

You can receive sex counselling at our Mumbai-based sexology centre named Jeevandata Health Clinic in addition to sexuality-related treatments, which improves your relations with your significant other. Before beginning any treatment, we also conduct thorough medical checks. We think it’s important to find the source of the issue so you can receive the appropriate therapy when you need it.

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The patient describes their issue to our doctor for advice, and the doctor evaluates it based on the patient's condition, symptoms and way of life.


The doctor may ask the patient for a detailed evaluation if he believes that the patient's sexual problem is the result of some underlying factors. Processes like the Biothesiometer, which measures the penis' sensitivity, might be used in this analysis.


Therapy, medication, and cutting-edge technological treatments like PE Treatment With HA Fillers, Shockwave Therapy, or biofeedback therapy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles are all options for treating sexual issues.


Following up regularly with the doctor is an essential step in the healing process since they can monitor your progress and the results of the treatments you are receiving.

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